Stony Bee's Honey

Stony Bee's Honey

Fallon, NV

Hi and Welcome to Stony Bee's Honey!!

We are a family ran apiary out of Fallon, NV. Jason is the beekeeper, along with our oldest son Riggin, 13 years old, River, 4 years old and myself, Codie, I take care of the honey and soap sales!! 

Jason grew up in the fields with his Grandfather. He was given the opportunity at a young age to see how watermelons, artichokes, peaches and almonds were farmed. Being exposed to almond farming brought along the exposure of bees for pollination. Jason's uncle being a beekeeper gave him an additional exposure. Jason was intrigued by the bee and its work early on, his curiosity only became stronger as he grew.

Six years ago, Jason was given an opportunity to intern with a beekeeper; he gained a wealth of knowledge and an incredible passion for this thing called beekeeping.

Our oldest son Riggin, spends his time building, painting and branding boxes. He too has spent his time in the hive and for his age, is knowledgeable in the hive. Riggin enjoys the honey and soap making as well. He is a great help!!

Our youngest son River spends his time helping too!! He just ordered his first bee suit and is excited to get in the hive. In the meantime he builds and paints boxes. Oh yes, he does his fair share of managing as well!! 

As for myself, I take care of the honey and sales!!

We thank God for the opportunity that he has given our family and the paths he has created. Without our faith and walk with God; the bees, the honey, the equipment and the customers would not be possible. 

We are grateful for you and your business. When you buy from us, you buy and support from a family ran business that prides themselves in working together and growing together. Personal relationship is important to us and remains key when working with you.

If you are interested in an order made just for you, give me a call and we can chat!! Our standard menu is included on this site, please feel free to take a look around!!

Shipping is offered and you can pay via Paypal at You will find these options on this site as well.

Please feel free to contact me at 209-409-5600, or on Facebook @ Stony Bees Honey. 

We look forward to working with you!! Have a blessed day and bee kind!! 

*** From Hive to Table ***

*** Keep a lookout for Stony Bee's Honey Soaps to be added to the website soon ***